Life Change Care is committed to providing the highest standards of therapeutic residential children’s care.

We pledge that all of our children will achieve their individual potential through high intensity therapeutic care, which permeates daily living, promoting the healing of early life trauma, opening channels of achievement, self confidence and positive identity. Life Change Care will exceed expectation on every level.

Our services go beyond care. Our facilities offer trauma-informed therapeutic recovery, with activities that specialise in providing choice, nurturing individuality and building trust, so our children have a secure place they can truly call home.

Our team of compassionate experts work with individuals to provide integrated care that brings calm, healing and trust into their lives. Life Change Care builds stable safe spaces for psychologically homeless children to call home.


“Our goal is to provide the children and young people in our care with an exemplary quality of therapeutic residential care.”

Our Homes

The residential properties are operated and maintained under the guiding principle that on a fundamental level, they are to be homes for the children and young people that live there...

  • Homely
  • Spacious
  • Clean
  • Garden Space
  • Quiet Spaces
  • Secure
Photograph of a child's bedroom, decorated pleasantly with pink and purple soft furnishings
Photograph of a hallway seating area, decorated pleasantly with pink and grey soft furnishings
Photograph of a kitchen, with pale green walls and a wooden dining table
Photograph of a modern-looking bathroom, containing a shower unit, toilet, towel rail and sink
Photograph of a carer's bedroom, decorated pleasantly with grey soft furnishings
Photograph of a training room, with modern furnishings including circular wooden tables and brightly coloured plastic chairs
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Opaque white symbol of an adult leading a child

Specialist Support

for victims of CSE

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Clinical Trauma

recovery work

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and regulated care

Our Approach

Every aspect of Life Change Care’s business model is designed to uphold the ethos that to achieve the level of care they deserve, children and young people must be provided with the appropriate balance of a genuine home life and regulated support. It is this that will allow them to achieve the stability they need to recover from trauma and build the resilience and skills with which they can thrive in adult life.

Stock image of young people, viewed from below, with their arms linked in a circle, smiling


If you’d like to help our young people to grow and are interested in working for Life Change Care, please send your details to recruitment@lifechangecare.co.uk or visit our vacancies page.

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