High quality, specialist provision for residential care.

The residential properties are operated and maintained under the guiding principle that on a fundamental level, they are to be homes for the children and young people that live there. As such, every new admission into our care is given the opportunity to decorate their own rooms and are encouraged to do so. They are likewise involved in everyday activities, such as helping to devise their own weekly meal plans. All properties are decorated to be as homely and well-furnished as any other living space. This is all achieved to mitigate as much as possible any feelings of a looked after child’s residency being transitory or alienated from an ordinary home life. Each home is intended to be much more than just a place that they can stay.

  • Homely
  • Spacious
  • Clean
  • Garden Space
  • Quiet Spaces
  • Secure
  • Accessible
  • Specialised
  • Accommodating
Photograph of a child's bedroom, decorated pleasantly with pink and purple soft furnishings
Photograph of a hallway seating area, decorated pleasantly with pink and grey soft furnishings
Photograph of a kitchen, with pale green walls and a wooden dining table
Photograph of a modern-looking bathroom, containing a shower unit, toilet, towel rail and sink
Photograph of a carer's bedroom, decorated pleasantly with grey soft furnishings
Photograph of a training room, with modern furnishings including circular wooden tables and brightly coloured plastic chairs

Booth House

Booth House was the very first residential property we opened. Though it has been used for short term placements on multiple occasions, we have seen great success in utilising the home for long term stays, with most young people remaining there for several years until they transition on to independent living.

This provision is specialised in the support of children with emotional and behavioural difficulties (EBD) and those presenting with disorganised attachment, emotional dysregulation, developmental trauma and/or post-traumatic stress. In particular, Booth House is well suited to meet the needs of children who have been subjected to Child Sexual Exploitation.

Located rurally in East Lancashire’s Rossendale valley, the home has room to accommodate 4 young people at a time and benefits from nearby transport links, beautiful countryside and several nearby schools with whom we have well established working relationships.

In its latest Ofsted report, Booth House received the rating of Good.

Stonebrook House

Stonebrook House is also located in East Lancashire, enjoying many of the same community access privileges as Booth House. This spacious and newly renovated home has been a much-celebrated investment, with an additional on-site training room for staff skill development and 3 beds for use in short term assessment and stabilisation placements.

Stonebrook’s specialist provision is intended for the care of younger children and accepts placements between the ages of 5 and 13. This home specialises in early intervention placements to prevent breakdown of long-term foster placements and adoption, typically for periods of 6 months to 2 years. The aim of this service is to avoid placement or family breakdown by providing specialist trauma informed intervention and to rehabilitate children back to their long-term placement or family.

Though it is registered and approved, Stonebrook House has not yet been in operation long enough to have received an official Ofsted rating as part of the annual inspection process.

Pennine View

Pennine View is currently in the process of being set up and registered. The property is situated in Burnley with excellent transport links and open access to the town’s local community.

These attributes have made it perfect for use as a parent and child provision for young people who are expecting or have recently given birth to children of their own. More information about this residential home will be made available as further steps are made towards its official opening.

Future plans

Even during the continuous undertaking of establishing the new home we are presently working on, we are still actively considering various options for what to do next. With this in mind, for our fourth residential childcare property we have decided to prioritise the development of an LGBT+ inclusive specialist provision. Keep an eye on this section of the website in the months to come for additional details on this project as they become available.


“Our goal is to provide the children and young people in our care with an exemplary quality of therapeutic residential care.”

Quality Standards

  1. The quality and purpose of care standard
  2. The children's wishes and feelings standard
  3. The education and learning standard
  4. The enjoyment and achievement standard
  5. The health and well-being standard
  6. The positive relationships standard
  7. The protection of children standard
  8. The leadership and management standard
  9. The care planning standard
Stock image of young people from behind, displaying their arms linked around each others' shoulders and waists

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