Short-Term Placement


Providing transitory care

Our caring team are skilled in providing admissions for those who
need them for a short period. We are ready to welcome children into our care as soon as they have been appropriately risk-assessed, where upon they will be provided with a comprehensive psychotherapeutic assessment.

Our risk matching procedures are implemented for the sake of safeguarding the children and professionals involved. This will also make sure that children who are already in placement don’t suffer unfair disruption to the regulated environment that we contribute for their progress and development.

Once behavioural stabilisation has been achieved, it may be identified that the child would benefit most from a return to the care of their family or a foster placement. In this circumstance, their brief stay with us will have equipped them with better coping strategies and an informed inter-agency understanding of their unique needs and strengths.

The Life Change Care Experience

Our thorough assessment allows us to provide tailored and trauma-informed therapeutic care for children in urgent need of our help.

It is worth mentioning that despite high demand, Life Change Care are regrettably unable to provide placements for emergency referrals. This is due to restrictions inherent to our policies and procedures, in the interest of safeguarding the child in question.

There is some difference of opinion across the industry as to what constitutes an emergency placement. For our purposes, we cannot issue a formal offer of admission until all the necessary risk assessments have been conducted, a process that can take a week on average to complete, dependent on distance and availability.

However, it may be the case that a placing authority will intend to refer a looked after child at our provision specifically to achieve the unique benefits that we can provide. If we are unable to offer this care in the immediate short term, we would still encourage the placement team to consider a planned move for the child’s long-term recovery once their initial emergency placement has been sought with another interim provider.

For a thorough disambiguation of our admissions policy, please see our Referral and Admissions page.

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