Our Approach

Every aspect of Life Change Care’s business model is designed to uphold the ethos that to achieve the level of care they deserve, children and young people must be provided with the appropriate balance of a genuine home life and regulated support.

It is this that will allow them to achieve the stability they need to recover from trauma and build the resilience and skills with which they can thrive in adult life. 


Tier Therapeutic Care Model

TIER stands for Trauma-Informed Emotional Regulation, the founding principle of our unique framework that underpins the holistic package of care provided to children in our provision. Life Change Care is committed to providing trauma-informed care by using evidence-based psychotherapy and Therapeutic Crisis Intervention.

  • Robust
  • Proactive
  • Dynamic
  • Sustainable
  • Regulated
  • Holistic

Our services go beyond care


Nurture and Enrichment


Chill-Out Zones


The Farm


Embracing Outdoor Life


Personal Training



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Our team of compassionate experts work with individuals to provide integrated care that brings calm, healing and trust into their lives. Life Change Care builds stable safe spaces for psychologically homeless children to call home.

Pathway to Independence

We prepare everyone at Life Change Care for the future. Our Pathway to Independence encourages robust emotional and psychological independence by committing to remain involved with outreach support, where agreed, to assist a child’s transition to independent living.