Family Interventional Assessment & Long-Term Prevention


Stabilising a potential family breakdown

Life Change Care works closely with families, so that the therapeutic care we can offer our children is mindful of their personal and social histories, and their historical circumstances.

In some cases, this approach is utilised more directly to prevent a child from necessitating protracted involvement in the care sector, where adverse circumstances at home appear to be leading towards a loss of parental guardianship.

Our Family Intervention and Long-Term Prevention service provides a short-term, interim period of care. This allows us to stabilise a potential family breakdown before it can occur during a period of respite in which our carers take responsibility of caring for the child at one of our homes, and psychotherapeutic intervention is provided for all members of the family to ameliorate the source of division.

Diagnostic Tools

Determining the best possible evidence-based practice for the children we care for uses a range of leading-edge diagnostic tools. Every child we work with is different, so we tailor our tools and trauma-informed care to suit each and every individual.

Avoiding Family Breakdown

Each of our bespoke short-term interventions aims to avoid the potential family placement breakdown that would otherwise necessitate years of residential care and the emotional cost involved. Our ‘Family Inclusion’ service is also provided to children who are already on a full residential care order, to create an improved emotional environment for contact at the very least, or with the objective of the child later returning to their parents’ care if appropriate.

Usually the involvement of a Local Authority is central to ensuring that a child’s home circumstances are leading towards the necessity of a care order. A child admitted to our care will have an agreed time period. During this time we will provide therapy work and inter-agency/community support, as well as family conferencing, mediation and family therapy. We can facilitate both individual and/or group therapy sessions.

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