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Preparations for independent living

From the first moment that looked after children come into our care, they’re provided with security and regulation, a home that will nurture their talents and ready them for the future.

The guiding principle of our ethos at Life Change Care is to ensure that young people receive all the support that we can possibly provide to achieve in life, from consistent care and integrated psychotherapeutic trauma recovery, to a variety of enriching activities and the opportunity to gain valuable life skills during their time with us.

This sentiment is taken further in the specific work we do to prepare the children to progress to independence in the year before they are due to leave at the age of 18. The process is led by their key worker and has a focus on instilling abilities and knowledge that will allow them to live alone.

Work is also done to assist in developing a career pathway and help to secure employment or further education. Continuing outreach work is also offered to the young person once they have moved on to independent living.

Psychological Homelessness

Psychological Homelessness means having nowhere to truly call home, even if you have somewhere to stay.

For many of our children, home has never been somewhere they can feel safe, until they come to Life Change Care. Psychological Homelessness affects many children in the UK, hindering their mental health and development, and often causing trauma.

At Life Change Care, we are committed to supporting our children with trauma-informed care and leading-edge therapeutic crisis intervention techniques to build up their confidence and help them to heal. By providing integrated care, we build trust and give our children somewhere they can call home.

Our goal is to enable each and every child we care for, to flourish as a confident and capable young adult, ready to progress into foster care or independent or semi-independent life.

Independent Living

To achieve this, we provide care throughout the child’s stay to prepare them with life skills and emotional resilience to move onto independent living.

This includes encouraging and facilitating access to mainstream schooling and sixth form, where desired outreach work continues after leaving our homes.

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