Comments, Complaints and Compliments


At Life Change Care, we believe that if a young person, staff member, or a 3rd party wishes to make a comment, register a complaint or pass on a compliment, they should find it easy to do so. 

It is our policy to welcome comments, complaints and compliments and to look upon them as an opportunity to learn, adapt, improve, and provide better services.  This policy is intended to ensure that complaints are dealt with properly and that all comments and compliments made by a young person, their relatives, or staff or by a 3rd party are taken seriously.

We act upon the belief that most complaints, if dealt with early, openly and honestly, can be resolved amicably at a local level between ourselves and the complainant.

We aim to ensure through our practice that:

  • Young people will be given details on admission to our homes about the complaints procedure within the Children’s Guide, their representatives and informal carers are always aware of how to complain and that Life Change Care provides easy to use opportunities for them to register their complaints.
  • Staff members, and 3rd parties have access to the complaints procedure.
  • A named person will be responsible for the administration of the procedure.
  • All comments will be acknowledged and where appropriate, acted upon.
  • All complaints will be resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant in the shortest possible time.
  • All compliments will be recorded and passed on to the individual or individuals whose actions have given rise to the compliment.
  • Young people residing in our care will be able to give valuable input into the complaints procedure before it is reviewed.

Our standards for resolving all complaints are as follows:

  • Every complaint will be acknowledged in writing within three working days.
  • An update on progress of investigations will be provided every 7 days.
  • Investigations into complaints will be completed within 28 days.
  • All complaints are responded to in writing by the home’s Management. 
  • Complaints are dealt with promptly, fairly and sensitively with due regard to the upset and worry that they cause to both staff and Young People.

Any comment or complaint which may indicate any form of abuse towards young people or staff will be notified to the Directors of Life Change Care immediately.

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